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What Are We Providing?

Two products are available:

  1.  XPOS® Machine

  2.  p(x)Card


XPOS Image from the front
XPOS Device image from the side
  • Supports BTC Lightning, ERC20, BEP20 and TRC20

  • Supports Binance Pay

  • Can accept Cryptos as payments

  • Displays and Reads QR codes

  • NFC compatible

  • Eligible for PundiX Rewards

  • Pundi X advertising

  • Pundi X app distribution

  • Eligible for Pundi X transaction mining rewards

  • Stores and can display Credit History

  • Compatible with Wi-fi

  • Compatible with Mobile Networks

  • Can work either plugged or unplugged

  • Possible to connect VISA/Mastercard, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay

The p(x)Card

P(x)Card Image from front
P(x)Card Image from back
  • Self-custody hardware wallet

  • Supports ERC20, TRC20, BSC-BEP20, Polygon and more

  • Can store NFT's

  • Integrates with p(x)Card APP

P(x)Card App Logo

Get the p(x)Card App

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